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Developer C++ Senior

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SKC Consulting Group

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Think- Cell is a fast passed software company  in Berlin, Germany, with a focus on developing graphics products that stand out from the crowd. More than 500,000 users world-wide rely on our software for their daily business as it makes creating graphical presentations so much easier, faster and more enjoyable. Among our customers are many renowned consulting companies and large international corporations.

 We do not have to make compromises with regard to code quality and beauty, because think-cell is profitable and has no outside investors. We are willing to go the extra mile of developing sophisticated algorithms and refining our user interface, and we are proud of our many happy customers. The fact that the company is owned and managed by seasoned computer scientists certainly contributes to a working environment that makes exceptional developers come and stay.

Our client is looking for smart, creative developers with a solid theoretical background. You should be able to look at a problem from the user ´s perspective, discuss abstract concepts with fellow developers, as well as produce an elegant implementation. Developers they have hired in the past mostly hold an exceptional master´s degree in computer science or even a doctorate.

Ideal C++ experienced.


  • They like flat hierachies. You will work largely independently and will be responsible for the whole range of activities when implementing a new feature.
  • They expecte fevelopers to do architecture, design, implementation and bug fixing, rather than splitting these activities between several people. Thus minimize communication losses and put everyone in control of their own work.
  • Your ideas are welcome , even if they mean that they have to change a lot of code to make things better.
  • They have published several scientifc articles in the areas of artificial Intelligence and computer graphics.


They encourgae a healthy work - life balance. They nigth or on weekends, and support our staff´s families with a full time company nanny. They are available for free when children are sick, or if you just feel like spending an evening out.

They pay very competitive salaries.

If necesary, we will go out of our way to help you relocate to Berlin, and will do what they can to help you acquire a work permit.

We sponsor visits to conference and have close connections to universities and research institutes in the U.S. and Germany.

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  Esta empresa es una agencia reclutadora

SKC Consulting Group es una consultora de Recursos Humanos. — Perfil completo de SKC Consulting Group

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Requiere presencia física en Puerto Rico, México, Colombia, Perú, Argentina o Chile